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John Jay College Data Collaborative for Justice

Director: Michael Rempel


Mailing Address: 

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

524 West 59th Street, Suite BMW606A

New York, NY 10019

Phone:  212.621.4150


The John Jay College Data Collaborative for Justice (DCJ) works with local criminal justice leaders to conduct research on the operations of the criminal legal system. This model provides an opportunity for local decision-makers to understand their data, request data analyses to inform their thinking, and identify opportunities to make operational changes and reforms. At the same time, DCJ’s commitment to public release of our research ensures the public, press, and advocates have access to critical information about how the criminal legal system impacts communities.

Every community in the nation uses data and research as the basis of a shared vision for how to achieve public safety in a manner that is just, equitable, and increases trust and confidence in the criminal legal system. We raise important questions and share critical research about frequent interactions between community members and the criminal legal system. This encompasses enforcement and supervision in the community, the adjudication of cases in the courts, and the use of confinement in jails and prisons. The Data Collaborative for Justice operates under the supervision of John Jay College’s Office for the Advancement of Research

Sample Publications

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