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Director: Nerea Marteache Solans, Ph.D.


Mailing Address: 

Department of Criminal Justice
California State University, San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Phone:  909.537.5548


The Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) provides research and training services to communities, criminal justice agencies, and other organizations. Through grants and contracts with local partners, CCJR conducts innovative research activities to address current crime problems and security concerns. These partnerships between academia, practitioners, and the community are what keep the field moving forward.

Some of the prior projects conducted by CCJR include important criminal justice policy issues concerning local and regional agencies. Among these projects are: evaluations of services provided to at-risk populations like the homeless and juvenile delinquents and assessments of specialty courts; advanced crime and intelligence analysis, such as staffing/workload analysis and criminal network analysis; and, international workshops and research training seminars. By offering expert research and evaluation assistance to community groups, non-profit organizations, and criminal justice agencies, CCJR aims to strengthen crime prevention policy and practice.


Housed within CCJR is the Dale K. Sechrest Criminal Justice Research Lab wherein undergraduate and graduate students acquire in-depth training to prepare for careers in criminal justice policy analysis or advanced research degrees. The Research Lab offers internship opportunities to work closely with faculty. This mentorship affords students a chance to acquire research experience and develop skills unattainable through conventional education programs. Support is given to interns wanting to present at professional conferences and publish scholarly papers.

The Center for Criminal Justice Research is an independent, research and training facility that contributes to the body of criminal justice knowledge, supports crime and intelligence analysis, and informs criminal justice policy. For information about recent publications, please visit our publications page.

Sample Publications

Bichler, Gisela, Aili Malm and Tristen Cooper (2017). Drug Supply Networks: A Systematic Review of the Organizational Structure of Illicit Drug Trade. Crime Science, 6(2):1-23.

Bichler, Gisela, Steven Lim, and Edgar Larin (2016). “Tactical SNA: Using Affiliation Networks to Aid Serial Crime Investigation.” Homicide Studies. [Online first: September 27, 2016. 

Bichler, Gisela, Stacy Bush, and Aili Malm (2015). Regulatory Foresight: Estimating Policy Effects on Transnational Illicit Markets.  Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 31(3): 297-318. 

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