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Stanford Criminal Justice Center

Director:  Debbie Mukamal


Mailing Address: 

Stanford Criminal Justice Center

Stanford University Law School

Crown Quadrangle

559 Nathan Abbott Way, Room 383

Stanford, CA 94305

Phone:   650.724.5786


Founded in 2005, the Stanford Criminal Justice Center (SCJC) serves as a research and policy institute on issues related to the criminal justice system. Our efforts are geared both toward generating policy research for the public sector, as well as providing pedagogical opportunities to Stanford Law School students with academic or career interests in criminal law and crime policy. The Stanford Criminal Justice Center is led by Faculty Co-Directors Professors David Sklansky and Robert Weisberg, and Executive Director Debbie Mukamal.

Sample Publications

Emerging Police Technology: A Policy Toolkit

At Arm’s Length: Improving Criminal Investigations of Police Shootings

Report on Electronic Control Weapons (ECWs) Submitted to the City of Berkeley

Degrees of Freedom: Expanding College Opportunities for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Californians


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