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UAA Alaska Justice Information Center

Director: Troy C. Payne, Ph.D.


Mailing Address: 

Alaska Justice Information Center
University of Alaska Anchorage

3211 Providence Drive, PSB 209
Anchorage, AK   99508

Phone:  907.786.1810


The Alaska Justice Information Center (AJiC) compiles, analyzes, and reports on criminal justice topics to policymakers and practitioners in order to improve public safety, increase criminal justice system accountability, and reduce recidivism. The Center is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional education; conducts research in the areas of crime, law, and justice; and provides service to government units, justice agencies, and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy, and just society. The AJiC is housed within the UAA Justice Center, established by the Alaska Legislature in 1975 with a mandate to provide statewide justice-related education, research, and service. The Justice Center is an academic and research unit within the College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage offering academic programs in justice and in legal studies. The Legal Studies degree and certificate programs are approved by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals. Faculty conduct research in a number of areas including violence and violent crime, law and the courts, substance abuse, rural justice issues, homelessness, policing, and juvenile justice.  

Sample Publications

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Violence Among Persons Who May Be Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiaries: Findings from the Alaska Victimization Survey, by Andrew Gonzalez, Ingrid Johnson, and Troy C. Payne (2021)

Alaska Police Officer Use of Deadly Force: 2010-2020, by Troy C. Payne, Yevgenii Kisarauskas, and Robert E. Henderson (2021)

Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Women who may be Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiaries Fact Sheet by Andrew Gonzalez, Ingrid Johnson, and Troy C. Payne (2021)

Homicide in Alaska: 1976-2016, by Andrew Gonzalez (2020)

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