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Wilson Center for Science and Justice

Exec. Director: Yvette Garcia Missri


Mailing Address: 

Wilson Center for Science and Justice 

Duke Law School

210 Science Drive; Box 90360

Durham, NC  27708-0362

The Wilson Center for Science and Justice at Duke Law School brings together faculty and students at Duke University in law, medicine, public policy, and arts and sciences to pursue research, policy and law reform, and education to improve criminal justice outcomes. The Center's three main areas of focus are accuracy in criminal cases, equity in criminal outcomes, and behavioral health needs. The Wilson Center’s work is non-partisan and evidence-informed. Staff members engage with state and local government and community stakeholders to translate research into effective and practical policy.

Sample Publications

Driving Injustice: Consequences and Disparities in North Carolina Criminal Legal and Traffic Debt (2021)

Life Without Parole Sentencing in North Carolina (2020)

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