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Co-Directors:  David E. Olson, Ph.D.

                           Don Stemen, Ph.D.


Mailing Address: 

Center for Criminal Justice

1032 W. Sheridan Road

Mundelein Center, Room 8111

Chicago, IL 60660

Phone:  773.508.8594


The Center’s mission is to promote fair, informed, effective, and ethical approaches to criminal justice policy and practice through collaborative interdisciplinary research and evaluation, professional leadership development, and targeted projects designed to bring about systemic improvements in Illinois’ criminal justice system. 

The Center’s work advances four specific and interrelated goals: 

  • Improve the quality of knowledge and practice in the criminal justice field;

  • Motivate and support policy reform efforts;

  • Carry out targeted reform initiatives; and

  • Provide an institutional home for sustained criminal justice research, education, and reform.

Key strategies of the Center focus on sound research, policy analysis, and training, as well as specialized projects aimed at improving Illinois’ criminal justice system.  The design and implementation of these strategies will be carried out by faculty and students from across Loyola’ s schools and departments in collaboration with public and private partners, including policymakers and justice-system practitioners.

Sample Publications

April 10, 2023

Will Eliminating Monetary Bail Deprive Crime Victims of Compensation?

April 7, 2023

Paying in Advance: Perceptions of Monetary Bail in Illinois


March 29, 2023

Examining The Impact and Reasons for Technical Violations of Mandatory Supervised Release on Prison Admissions in Illinois

January 13, 2023

Is Bail Reform Causing an Increase in Crime?

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