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INCJRC is an association of university-based research centers focused on a wide range of criminal justice issues, including crime prevention, justice systems, and evaluation. Network members conduct research projects with support from federal, state, and local governments as well as philanthropic, corporate, and private funders.

INCJRC is not a formal organization or entity. We do not conduct research or participate in educational or legislative efforts as a network. The INCJRC network is a mechanism for researchers and research centers with similar interests to interact with peers, share information, and engage in mutually supportive activities. 

One important purpose of INCJRC is to facilitate each member's knowledge of research opportunities and to coordinate cross-center collaborations. Research centers in the Network welcome invitations to consider new projects, especially collaborative projects involving two or more INCJRC members.

Researchers from other colleges and universities are welcome to contact the Network to inquire about affiliation. University-based criminal justice research centers are eligible to become affiliates if they meet the following criteria:

  • The center (group or lab) is housed within and operated by a college or university and is not a for-profit or non-profit organization.

  • Justice is the center's primary area of expertise and content focus, including studies of justice policies, practices, system operations, public safety, and crime prevention. 

  • Researchers may conduct basic research on public safety issues but their work often focuses on translational evaluations of policies and practices in the justice field.

  • The center is an operational research center with funded projects--not simply a website used to post faculty publications.

  • Research is the center's primary mission. Affiliated centers may provide other professional services (e.g., advocacy, litigation, consulting, training, and communications) but these activities are secondary.

Candidate centers will be reviewed by current members to determine their suitability for INCJRC membership.

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